It’s a new MONTH! Start it off right with love, light and inspiration. Here’s an excerpt from my book “Words from a Wanderer” taken  by @heysweetz. You can get your copy here:

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  • its friday. NIGGA WE MADE IT.
  • surprised tumblr isn’t blocked on my work computer. 
  • its such a blessing when your boss is off and you didn’t expect it.
  • "i need to get more active…sexually active."
  • naps are my sex.
  • i have no bae to send nudes to. my life has no meaning
  • i think i feel in love with Ed Sheeran.
  • i really wanted to go to the roots picnic this year :(
  • definitely gotta do made in america. 
  • i’m going to LA next month. so fucking excited. 
  • we’re going to a fashion week. a friends designs are being featured in one of the shows.
  • i need to get outfits for each event. kinda expensive. but totally worth it. 
  • i order two pairs of shoes. and nipple rings. but no clothes. priorities lol
  • this weather needs to be more consistent. bitches love consistency.
  • we had 80 degrees, rain and low 40s all in one week. 
  • i watched a video with kids who didn’t know what a rotary phone or a cassette player was. i’m old as FUCK. 
  • i’m at the point when someone ask me how old i am that i stop and think about it. i keep thinking i’m 27 already. 3 more months.


They not tryna get dis work

preventative measures. 📵



That craving for an orgasm that masturbation cannot give you, it’s that type of orgasm that a specific person has to accomplish.




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Anonymous: how come black peoples skin is so smooth what do you guys use


wash cloths

lmfao !

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